Tungsten Carbide Dies

Tungsten Carbide Dies

Tungsten carbide dies are a wise economical choice for steel wire and other large-size wire drawing applications that make cost savings a priority over die wear resistance and wire surface finish.

Fort Wayne Wire Die manufactures its tungsten carbide dies with expert technology and precision craftsmanship that promise the kind of reliable performance you expect.

Ask about ordering your tungsten carbide dies to serve your shaped wire and tube drawing needs.

Product Specifications

Hole Sizes

.006in to 2.0in
(0.150mm to 50mm)


Ideal for most ferrous wires, large diameters and applications where corrosive wear is the primary cause of die failure.

Typical Markets

Carbon steel wire of all sizes, tire cord and welding wire


Excellent corrosive wear resistance.

Available in a large range of sizes.

Very cost-effective production.

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Download PDF version of the Tungsten Carbide Die brochure, complete with details on hole and casing sizes, die material selection, specifications for wire materials and other key ordering information. Download PDF version of Standard Rough Cored Round Hole Dies in MM or IN.

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