Custom-made Shaped Wire Dies

Custom-Made Shaped Wire Dies

For drawing wire with unique, even obscure, shape requirements, turn to the expert custom die capabilities of Fort Wayne Wire Die.

All shaped profile dies are custom made to your specific requirements out of extremely high wear-resistant polycrystalline diamond or tungsten carbide material.

Fort Wayne Wire Die’s engineers can custom design a series of dies that will gradually deform the wire from the original shape to the desired shape and tolerance.

Product Specifications

Wire Shapes

Half round
Trolley wire
and other custom shapes you specify


Wire of nonferrous metals, such as copper and aluminum, is best drawn with Poly-Di® polycrystalline diamond dies (PCD) that maintain high wear resistance, but also yield a good wire surface finish.

Tungsten carbide dies are best used on steel wire, for short run or other applications that place cost savings above die life.

Typical Markets

Aluminum wire, copper wire, stainless steel wire and steel wire.

Dimension Limits



Customized to your specifications.

Wear characteristics of hard and super-hard materials.

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