Scheduling, Planning, Controlling Supervisor – 1st shift (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Under the direction of the Manager of Corporate Manufacturing, plan, direct, and supervise Production Planning, Scheduling and Control, Inventory Management, and Control and Receiving to achieve production goals and meet customer delivery commitments. The systems developed and employed by this supervisor must support key management interfaces and activities in Order Entry, Customer Service, Cost Accounting, Logistics, Budgeting, Capital Budgeting, and Strategic Planning.

A. Inventory Management
In accordance with objectives, policies, directives, and controls;
1. Determine the optimum inventory levels and procedures for review and adjustment.
2. Determine the degree of control that is required for the best results.
3. Plan and design the inventory control system.
4. Structure the inventory control organization.
5. Responsible for inventory classifications: Raw Materials, Purchased Parts, Work-In-Process, Finished Goods and Supplies
B. Inventory Control
In accordance with objectives, policies, directives, and controls;
1. Establish and vary inventory levels, order points, and procurement lead times for delivery to ensure adequate stock to facilitate schedules and meet customer commitments.
2. Maintain inventory levels in the most economical quantities to minimize investment and obsolescence costs.
3. Provide and maintain necessary records for reordering, moving, and storage of inventories and establish appropriate controls to accomplish these objectives.
4. Formulate and project future inventory needs and schedules to facilitate procurement, delivery, and utilization.
5. Participate in managerial meetings to recommend policies determining manufacturing goals and plant manning requirements to resolve day-to-day or long-range problems as they relate to the manufacturing operation and inventory functions.
6. Personally supervise and coordinate with the Accounting Department the taking of the periodic physical inventories. Has direct responsibility for staffing and instructing production/manufacturing personnel when taking the inventories as well as segregating, identifying, and counting the inventories.
7. Coordinate with Accounting and Information Systems a perpetual inventory system verified by periodic cycle counts.
C. Production Control
In accordance with objectives, policies, directives, and controls:
1. Participate in planning and establishing overall production objectives with consideration given to existing workload, order and stock requirements, ship dates, sales forecasts, etc.
2. Organize, formulate, and prepare master schedules to conform to delivery dates, manufacturing capacities, available manpower, etc.
3. Expedite and coordinate detailed scheduling, machine loading, production order and routing, material requisition preparation, and the systematic release of orders to manufacturing departments.
4. Maintain surveillance over orders in process to keep informed of manufacturing status and, when needed, initiate the necessary steps to maintain conformity with schedules.
5. Coordinate schedules with other departments relative to the lead time required to meet customer demand to avoid costly delays, customer dissatisfaction, and complaints.
6. Personally supervise and expedite rush orders, material shortages, etc., and revise schedules to offset delays caused by machine malfunctions and tool breakage, engineering changes, revised shipment dates, cancellations, etc.
7. Collaborate with Manufacturing Engineering et al., on matters pertaining to schedules, production, methods, materials, and designs to resolve day-to-day production problems.
8. Plan, organize, implement, and monitor production control systems and procedures in conjunction with other service departments. Maintain departmental operational procedure manuals.
D. Receiving
1. Through delegation of authority and responsibilities to subordinates, direct and coordinate the activities of the Receiving functions engaged in receiving, checking, and visual inspection of incoming material, supplies, and sundry equipment items.
2. Provide instructions and guidance to subordinates and maintain surveillance over procedures to ensure accurate material costs, identification, and storage of items received. Ensure that subordinates notify purchasing of shortages, incorrect material sizes, etc.

• A Bachelor’s degree in Business, Engineering, Supply Chain Management, or Industrial Management with courses in Production Planning, Inventory Control, Scheduling, Procurement, and related subjects or equivalent experience will be considered.
• A minimum of 3 -5 years of experience including time spent working in production control, scheduling, material and inventory management, manufacturing, etc.
• Excel experience – highly preferred
• Previous materials/inventory experience – preferred