Product Overview

Product Overview

Single crystal diamond dies

For optimum wire roundness, uniformity and surface finish

Poly-Di® polycrystalline diamond dies

For superior die life and long-term production efficiency

Matched elongation die sets

For optimum performance efficiency of high-speed, multiwire machines

Tungsten carbide dies

When cost savings take precedent over wire surface finish and die wear resistance

Custom-made shaped wire dies

For uniquely shaped ferrous and nonferrous wire applications

Poly-Strand™ stranding, bunching & compacting dies

For economy and die wear resistance in stranded conductor applications

Nano diamond coated dies

Ideal for large stranded conductors that demand a high-quality surface finish

Wire drawing extrusion tips & dies

For extruding insulating materials over wire, cable and fiber-optic cable

Die room equipment & accessories

To ensure the lasting performance quality of your wire dies