Carbide Shipping Specialist – 1st Shift

Always a Wire Die Leader
Fort Wayne Wire Die has historically been the birthplace of technology that drives the wire drawing and wire die industries. From the first wire die manufacturing equipment and processes developed in the 1930s, to the ongoing engineering advancements that have marked the industry’s evolution ever since, Fort Wayne Wire Die has always stood at the forefront.
Our vision is to be the preferred global supplier for wire drawing dies and precision tooling for the global wire and cable industry, the one die supplier that can provide the consistent quality, application expertise, performance value, and supply chain efficiency all customers need to compete in a global market. The ISO 9001:2015 certification has allowed us to develop a quality management system that fully supports our vision and goals resulting in customer satisfaction.
The Carbide Shipping Specialist performs all duties and paperwork necessary to assure prompt and accurate delivery of product to customers.  This person is responsible for coordinating order entry, shipping, and invoicing.  The Carbide Shipping Specialist also handles customer inventory control.
A.    Order Entry
  1. Write up carbide recut orders as they are received from the customers and forward order to sales department for actual order entry. Contact sales department for additional information on individual orders as needed.
  2. Needs to have the knowledge and ability to enter orders into the AS400 order entry system.
  3. Maintains order files. This may include information on the AS400 system, production orders, order reports, etc.
  4. Responsible for monitoring and reporting when necessary the number of 2nd and 3rd sizes occurring with recut orders.
B.     Shipping & Invoicing
  1. Maintain organized inventory of customer’s finished goods inventory in such manner that assigned orders are easily identified. New and recut product should be segregated.
  2. Ship out carbide and specialty orders (new and recut) to all domestic and international customers. This includes creating a packing list, preparing all necessary paperwork, packaging the material, creating and printing invoices for all orders and putting the packages with outgoing shipments.
  3. Inward processing which includes preparing carbide shipments to be sent to remote plants for recut production processing.
  4. Prepare shipments of production supplies (from packing list through invoicing) to remote plants as needed.
  5. AES Filings. File/complete documents for international shipments with commodity value over $2500 with US Government.
C.    Production Scheduling
  1. Post order status for finished product in the AS400 order system.
D.    Miscellaneous
  1. Assist in tracking shipments in production or in transit.
  2. Maintain inventory of all shipping supplies and reorder as necessary.
  3. Filing as necessary.
  4. All other duties assigned by supervisor.
  5. Must be capable of lifting packages weighing up to 50 pounds.
Minimum high school diploma and basic computer training or experience is necessary.  This position requires good organizational skills, accuracy, self-motivation and the ability to work with little or no supervision.  Two years or more experience working in shipping/receiving or similar positions is preferred.